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Excited and Exhausted game

Excited and Exhausted game

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🍻 Get drunk with your partner. 😂 Have a blast playing with your partner

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Why Choose us ?

Make your bedroom your battleground this weekend by playing these spicy couple card dares game.We are offering 40% OFF on next 200 orders as a word of mouth. Check back next month if Out of stock.

Drink If...

There are tons of "Drink if..." questions. The person who reads the card has to drink if the card relates to them!

Spicy Dares

There are a ton of spicy cards that will make the your date extra hot. We know what your gonna end up doing after the game, if you can make it that far! 😏

Perfect Date night game

The perfect couple's drinking game. This intimate card game is designed specifically for couples who are looking to spice things up. With 50 exciting, flirtatious & daring cards, players will be encouraged to explore each other's desires and fantasies. From daring dares to intimate questions, this game promises to ignite the passion and intimacy between couples. So, grab a drink, shuffle the cards, and let the fun begin!

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